Metallica gets John Cena’s vote

Vote casting in the 2nd round of MTV’s Musical March Madness is getting in the home stretch, but more than that it is not appearing good for Metallica. After chucking out of Guns N’ Roses, their fellow titans in the first round, James Hetfield and his partners presently chase upset-minded Sum forty-one by an ‘Unforgiven’ size margin and looks to be going for the void.

Well, there are still many chances for altering things, voting in the second round finishes on Sunday midnight ET. Now its looks like that Metallica still have some chance and they are garnering support from quite unlikely source: well, its WWE star John Cena. He quite strongly asked everyone to support his all time favorite band, Metallica.

While speaking to MTV News, Cena told that if there is anyone who does not vote for Metallica, then he/she must not be around music. He uses music to gain energy. He is involved in a whole lot of physical activity, many times when someone is tired, he/she needs to get emotion from somewhere.

For Cena, there is nothing like the surge of “Sandman.” Even though, he is concentrating on other things at this point of time, but still he will be pulling for Metallica. Metallica’s music transcends creed, race, age, sex and color.

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