Metallica burns it

James Hetfield, the vocalist of the popular rock band Metallica, has warned that things may go parlous at the beginning of their 5th tour of Mexico. He told that they are really concerned on how dangerous this show.

The spectators who were over 22000 and they believed it too. On Saturday night, several fans were appeared terrified as the group re-enacted their burn down the stage performance from the “Cunning Stunts” (1998) video album.

At one point during the show, a technician flew across the stage just like a human torch in the Mexico city show which featured laser lights, pyrotechnics, explosions and odd giant coffin.

Hourd before, Hetfield told that this tour would cover Metallica’s thirty-one years of performing. The band will perform in 7 more concerts at the Sports Palace of Mexico city before going towards in Edmonton (Canada) and San Francisco.

Reports suggest that the rock band is working on a brand new album. The band is all set to release their next studio album – the follow up to ‘Death Magnetic’ released in the year 2008 following the release of their 3 – D concert film.

Lars Ulrich, the drummer, told that they just going to focus on the new music to get another record done. He also added that James Hetfield, the band’s frontman has got a whole lot of brand new ideas. He added that everytime he takes a guitar, there is something brilliant that comes out.

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