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Metallica Bassist Pays Tribute to Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius was a prominent figure in the short history of electric bass. The child musician displayed unlimited prospects for this bass instrument with his insatiable appetite for experimentation and his fleet-fingered technique.

Jaco was an emotional individual who passed away in an unlikely, tragic way. 28 years after the death of Pastorius, Robert Trujillo (bassist from Metallica) is paying tribute to the musician by producing a movie titled “Jaco: The Film”. Prior to taking on the heavy-metal bass concerts with the group Metallica, the engaging and modest Trujillo served for Ozzy Osbourne, Suicidal Tendencies, and Infectious Grooves. The Metallica bassist found the style, sounds of Pastorius fascinating, and tried to emulate them.

Trujillo attended the renowned Dick Grove School, a music institution that aims to produce professionals who could support themselves and shine in spotlight. In 1979, Trujillo witnessed the combined performance of Pastorius and Weather Report at Santa Monica Auditorium. He was forever changed. Jaco Pastorius had long hair and a slight build. He wore headbands and resembled an incense dealer at Telegraph Avenue. Pastorius’ thumb-of-steel had unrivaled agility. In late 70’s Pastorius worked expansively with Weather Report and Joni Mitchell. However, he developed bipolar disorder soon after.

Directors Paul Marchand and Stephen Kijack together with Trujillo have been actively working on this movie for about 5 years. Every year they found a new treasure, including pictures from Pastorius’ first session and boxful cassettes with interviews. That forced them to re-edit the project. Trujillo admitted that the roadblocks were blessings since they added involvement from luminaries. The ultimate product will feature interviews from renowned bass players like Geddy Lee, Jerry Jemmott, Bootsy Collins, Sting, and Flea.

Metallica to replace Green Day at Voodoo Festival

Metallica, the heavy metal band is all set to replace Green Day at the 14th Voodoo Music Festival. Previously, it was reported that the band Green Day would call off their forthcoming performance on 27th October at the Voodoo Music Experience, scheduled in New Orleans on Tuesday. It left the event organizers with an opportunity to fill the vacant position of Green Day.

In a release, Lars Ulrich of Metallica stated that they were really excited to be a part of their very first Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. Metallica’s good buddies as well as fellow residents of the bay area – Green day had to call off their programs for the event; and now Metallica is more than ready to fill their slot in their own unique way. He added that they hope that they could fill in their shoes and make them proud.

Tre Cool, the drummer of the Green Day told that calling off events is something that they rarely do as they never wanted to hurt their rooters. They were also thankful to all the fans for being very understanding during this time.

Now Metallica is the newest addition of this music festival that already have Silversun Pickups, The Avett Brothers, Kaskade, Nas, Skrillex, Justice, Jack White, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and several other big names. The event begins from 26th October and till end on 28th October in New Orleans’s City Park.

Metallica gets John Cena’s vote

Vote casting in the 2nd round of MTV’s Musical March Madness is getting in the home stretch, but more than that it is not appearing good for Metallica. After chucking out of Guns N’ Roses, their fellow titans in the first round, James Hetfield and his partners presently chase upset-minded Sum forty-one by an ‘Unforgiven’ size margin and looks to be going for the void.

Well, there are still many chances for altering things, voting in the second round finishes on Sunday midnight ET. Now its looks like that Metallica still have some chance and they are garnering support from quite unlikely source: well, its WWE star John Cena. He quite strongly asked everyone to support his all time favorite band, Metallica.

While speaking to MTV News, Cena told that if there is anyone who does not vote for Metallica, then he/she must not be around music. He uses music to gain energy. He is involved in a whole lot of physical activity, many times when someone is tired, he/she needs to get emotion from somewhere.

For Cena, there is nothing like the surge of “Sandman.” Even though, he is concentrating on other things at this point of time, but still he will be pulling for Metallica. Metallica’s music transcends creed, race, age, sex and color.

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