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Turn The Page

“Turn the Page” was originally released by Bob Seger in 1973, his version never made the music charts, but an evocative live performance in 1976  helped  the song  become a mainstay of album-oriented rock radio stations, and still gets significant airplay to this day on classic rock stations.  “Turn the Page” is about the emotional and social ups and downs of a rock musician’s life on the road, against a slow tempo and a mournful saxophone part.

Metallica covered the song as thier first single from the 1998 Garage Inc. album and it reached #1 on the Billboard charts for 11 consecutive weeks, the highest number of weeks Metallica has ever spent at the top. The Metallica version has the same tempo as Seger’s did, but with a heavier feel typical to Metallica music; the saxophone part was replaced witha slide guitar line from Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield played a guitar solo before the last run through the chorus.

Metallica’s music video for the song  is about the life of a stripper who prostitutes herself while she is trying to raise a child.

Master of Puppets

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