Top 5 Metallica Tunes for Poker Players

If you’re a fan of throwing down some cards at the poker table and so happen to enjoy the delights of a Metallica set, then we’ve got just the playlist for you. Metallica’s brand of lyrically deep, badass tunes are more than a match for any tense atmosphere you may face when playing poker.

1) For Whom the Bell Tolls

While in true Metallica style, the song remains deep in theme and far in reach (this time about the Spanish Civil War and the doom of the protagonist), it’s a powerful song for anyone looking defeat in the eyes. While your time on poker is sure to be a rollercoaster of Royal Flushes and tactical, early folds, remember: “time marches on.”

2) King Nothing

For those who are sometimes a little too cocky when it comes to playing cards, “King Nothing” is a good song to keep yourself level-headed. “Dig for gold, dig for fame, you dig to make your name. Are you pacified?” And thus, all those who may play a little too arrogantly, dollar signs dancing in front of their eyes instead of the cards, it’s a strong wakeup call from Metallica.

3) Better Than You

“I’m striving to be better than you!” sing a thousand hoarse fans whenever Metallica decide to play this number. A song about the drive to beat your rival, it’s a good motivator for those who have one particular person sat across the partypoker table from them who has become a serious problem. Don’t give in – nothing brings you down!

4) Fuel

James Hetfield has been quoted as saying that the reason he likes this song so much is because it gets him “pumped up” (for the full story: ). It’s an up-tempo tune with a mischevious grin. Definitely one for getting ready before a tournament. “Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire!”

5) No Leaf Clover

For those who believe that skill beats luck nine times out of ten (and it does), No Leaf Clover is a real gem, with lyrics that illustrate strongly just how foolish that belief in luck can be. “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel… It’s just a freight train coming your way.”

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