Metallica drama documentary named Through the Never

As it was expected by the fans, Metallica’s 3D movie will not just be a documentary film, but it will have part drama as well. Dane will also star with the metal band in the film named “Metallica Through the Never.” The film will be released on 9th August. This movie is about a young band crew who is sent to a mission when the band is playing a live set in front thousands of spectators and he suddenly sees his world turned upside down.

Earlier, it was reported that Nimród Antal is one of the most important members in this film that is named for the legendary crew’s tracks. The footage of the concert was filmed in August during a Metallica show in Canada’s Vancouver and this will be released via Picturehouse. The movie distributor house said that Metallica Through the Never would be like a reopening of their doors.

Picturehouse was behind Pan’s Labyrinth’s release and more importantly, recent audience favorite Drive and Black Dynamite. So, when Metallica has now started their own music fest, they were deforming their muscles in another good entertainment sphere, serving with distribution and marketing reboot. By the end of the year, the company anticipates that they would release some more films.

The company expects to release another couple of movies by year-end, and have made a multi-year contract with Netflix. Metallica fans all across the world are waiting to see their favorite band’s film.

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