Guitar Hero Metallica

Guitar Hero Metallica

Get ready to thrash with the definitive collection of Metallica’s music and over 20 other rocking bands on guitar, drums, vocals and bass. Featuring guest acts chosen by Metallica ranging from rock to metal such as Queen, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest and the Foo Fighters.

Experience full-on Metallica by playing as the band with their actual motion captured moves and likeness, representing the FULL presence and intensity of James, Lars, Kirk and Robert. Take the stage in some of the world’s most amazing and epic venues featuring famous Metallica stages and iconic imagery. Of course, all tracks and content are “Metallica Approved”, so you know they rock.

Over 20 Superstar Guest Acts

Featuring over 20 bands personally chosen by Metallica… including Queen, Alice in Chains, Slayer, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Foo Fighters, Guitar Hero Metallica lets you jam to a wide variety of high-energy rock for Guitar Hero. Go beyond the music of Metallica to bands they have collaborated with, as well as, the music that inspires them.

Full Guitar Hero® World Tour Feature Set

Up to 4 players can join together and rock locally, or battle other bands online with up to 8 players. Guitar Hero Metallica includes the “Rock Star Creator,” playing with friends online, the full Music Studio and the user-created music sharing service, GHTunesSM. Finally play the Death Magnetic downloadable content as Metallica themselves.*

New Content and Gameplay

For the first time ever, the game supports TWO kick pedals, and in a new “Expert +” mode, there are two separate pedals signals, letting you play like Lars on double bass drums. Go deeper into Metallica, with guerilla-style videos straight from their concerts and the option to test your Metallica know-how on any song you beat with facts from the band’s history, as well as, how the guest acts are tied to Metallica. The whole game is true to Metallica, from the updated attacks in Battle Mode to the new samples in the Music Studio.

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