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Metallica – Back on Form

Metallica, the American heavy metal band from Los Angeles is ready to perform at the Orion Music festival, scheduled to be held on June 23rd- 24th in Atlantic City. This will be going to be an historic occasion because after a long time, Metallica will be playing all the songs of their first album titled “The Black Album”. They will burn the floor with songs like The Struggle Within, Enter Sandman and much more.

All the band members are happy and are practicing a lot to give their best shot. The Orion festival is not only about music but will also have eight show run, featuring the new extravagant stage which is the component of the 3D movie which this band is trying to develop in collaboration with director Nimrod Antal. According to the recent buzz, Metallica will be plunging a modified twist on the festival.

On asking whether they had any new ideas, the band members replied they have only 846 riffs. When Rolling Stone Magazine asked for the exact figure, Metallica replied saying that this number does not include the sound checks and the stuffs they goof around with.

James revealed that he is not the only one obsessed with the group, drummer Lars Ulrich is much worse than him. He also added that Lars is obsessed with returning every stone and turning it over to get the best result. Very recently we saw Metallica performing in their own addition of Rolling Stone’s Big Issue. In conversation with drummer Lars Ulrich, we got to know that the Orion festival was inspired by the European festivals that the band played throughout their career. This festival will be a great challenge for Metallica as they will sing each and every composition of their first album after a long time. We hope that Metallica will steal our heart again with their miraculous performance.

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“The Big 4” – on DVD coming November 2nd

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