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Metallica drama documentary named Through the Never

As it was expected by the fans, Metallica’s 3D movie will not just be a documentary film, but it will have part drama as well. Dane will also star with the metal band in the film named “Metallica Through the Never.” The film will be released on 9th August. This movie is about a young band crew who is sent to a mission when the band is playing a live set in front thousands of spectators and he suddenly sees his world turned upside down.

Earlier, it was reported that Nimród Antal is one of the most important members in this film that is named for the legendary crew’s tracks. The footage of the concert was filmed in August during a Metallica show in Canada’s Vancouver and this will be released via Picturehouse. The movie distributor house said that Metallica Through the Never would be like a reopening of their doors.

Picturehouse was behind Pan’s Labyrinth’s release and more importantly, recent audience favorite Drive and Black Dynamite. So, when Metallica has now started their own music fest, they were deforming their muscles in another good entertainment sphere, serving with distribution and marketing reboot. By the end of the year, the company anticipates that they would release some more films.

The company expects to release another couple of movies by year-end, and have made a multi-year contract with Netflix. Metallica fans all across the world are waiting to see their favorite band’s film.

Metallica Pay Their Tribute to Billie Joe

Metallica were invited to perform for Green Day at Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans during their Saturday night set. They delivered their best numbers and also paid tribute to Billie Joe and Co.

They belted out the best scores with songs like, “Hit the Lights” and “Master of Puppets”. The frontman James Hetfield contributed another song “Battery” for Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in the set. The crowd went wild as Metallica played.

Metallica made a grand entry into the show with the playing of opening chords of Green Day’s smashing hit song “American Idiot”. However, they cut it short and told the crowd that they cannot play the song. But later they showed their support for the band and said that they would sort it out since the world wants to hear them play.

Green Day was forced to pull out of the show at the Voodoo fest after their frontman Billie was caught for substance abuse and went into treatment late in September. Earlier reports said that Green Day would be missing only parts of their promotional appearances but after Billie went into rehab, the producer and the chairman of Warner Bros. shared with the world and told a different story. As told to the Rolling Stone the chairman Rob Cavallo said that Green Day will be forced to eliminate parts of their tour as Billie will be under treatment for an undefined duration.

Top 5 Metallica Tunes for Poker Players

If you’re a fan of throwing down some cards at the poker table and so happen to enjoy the delights of a Metallica set, then we’ve got just the playlist for you. Metallica’s brand of lyrically deep, badass tunes are more than a match for any tense atmosphere you may face when playing poker.

1) For Whom the Bell Tolls

While in true Metallica style, the song remains deep in theme and far in reach (this time about the Spanish Civil War and the doom of the protagonist), it’s a powerful song for anyone looking defeat in the eyes. While your time on poker is sure to be a rollercoaster of Royal Flushes and tactical, early folds, remember: “time marches on.” Read the rest of this entry »

Listen to Metallica for Free

Hey did you know that at the top of our site in our navigation bar there is a link called “Listen to Metallica Music here for free”?

If you click that it will open our Metallica streaming application so you can listen to metallica while you surf the web, just go to that page, leave it open, then open another browser window or tab and surf in it. Now while you are surfing you can listen to great tunes, and for free. (We do it, that’s why its there!) So don’t download, stream your tunes.

Enjoy and share, tell your friends!

Fade to Black

The Day That Never Comes

Metallica – The Day That Never Comes (Official Music Video) [HD]

Metallica records a new intro to “My Apocalypse”

Metallica said that they been enjoying playing My Apocalypse out on the road of their latest tour but felt like it could use something extra. So they have decided that it needed a really cool intro to set the mood to the song so James Hetfield wrote an awesome new one. Check it out and enjoy a free download of it compliments of

Turn The Page (Lyrics)

Found on  Garage Inc. Album

( Originally recorded by Bob Seger )

On a long and lonesome highway,
east of Omaha
You can listen to the engines
moanin’ out it’s one old song
You can think about the woman,
or the girl you knew the night before
But your thoughts will soon be wanderin’,
the way they always do
When you’re ridin’ 16 hours,
and there’s nothin’ much to do
And you don’t feel much like ridin’,
you just wish the trip was through


Here I am, on the road again,
there I am, up on the stage
There I go, playin’ star again,
there I go, turn the page

So you walk into this restaurant,
uh strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you,
as you’re shakin’ off the cold
You pretend it doesn’t bother you,
but you just want to explode
Yeah, most times you can’t hear ’em talk,
other times you can

All the same old clich�’s,
is it woman, is it man
And you always seem outnumbered,
you don’t dare make a stand
Make your stand

Ah But here I am, on the road again,
there I am, up on the stage
Here I go, ah playin’ star again,
there I go, turn the page

Out there in the spotlight,
you’re a million miles away
Every ounce of energy,
you try and give away
As the sweat pours out your body,
like the music that you play

Later in the evenin’,
as you lie awake in bed
With the echoes of the amplifiers,
ringin’ in your head
You smoke the day’s last cigarette,
rememberin’ what she said

What she said

Yeah, and here I am,
on the road again,
there I am, up on that stage
Here I go, playin’ star again,
there I go, turn the page
And there I go, turn that page

There I go, yeah, Here I go, yeah, yeah
There I go, yeah, Here I go, yeah
Here I go-oh-o, There I go
And I’m gone