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Newsted reveals why he left the band

According to reports, Jason Newsted, the former Metallica bassist, recently spoke about why he left the band in the year 2001. In a recent television interview, Jason stated that his eventual break up with the band was over the way Echobrain, his side band, were handled.

Jason told that the management of Metallica was very excited regarding Echobrain. They wanted to take it out for him, wanted him to do Echobrain also, along with Metallica. They felt that Echobrain was that good, the singer was that good, and it did not affect Metallica because it was a totally different kind of thing, and he was in Metallica; that would give it its pedigree already.

He added that they had told him quite convincingly that this is a good record, they have been playing it around the office that is all they have been listening, it is really fantastic, this kid has a great voice. It is time to do something with this. Later Metallica frontman James Hetfield heard about this and he was not happy regarding this. He probably thought that it would somehow Metallica’s performance as a band.

Jason always thought that Echobrain could never have interfered with Metallica. He never thought that. There was no way that it could have affected the metal rock band. The monster and the integrity and the legend that Metallica’s built, it would take a lot more than that to ever affect it.

Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History

Metallica fans have a whole lot of things to get excited in this summer. Now, rooters will get one more Metallica goodie that will be released later this year.

Voyageur Press has stated that they would release a brand new book regarding the band and the name of the book would be – “Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History,”. the new book on the band will be released on 15th October. Written by heavy metal reporter Martin Popoff, the book on Metallica will have tales said by the band members and it would also present a detailed analysis of the band’s full discography. The Metallica book will also provide over a variety of off-stage and live pictures and well as snaps of the band’s concert tee shirts, buttons, backstage passes, concert posters, ticket stubs and picture sleeves throughout the year and more.

In other Metallica news, the 2nd annual Orion Music + More festival is all set to take place 8th and 9th June at the Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigun. This year’s headliners include include Metallica as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Metallica’s 3D film, named “Metallica Through the Never,” will be shown on movie theaters on 9th August.

Recently, Metallica concert organizers stated that they have altered the venue for Metallica’s Cape Town concert. Now, the rock band will now perform two nights on 24th and 25th April , 2013 at Bellville Velodrome.