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John Bush speaks about his Metallica offer

For most people, it was hard to believe that there was a time when Armored Saint singer John Bush turned down a job offer from rock band Metallica. A lot of people might think that at time he might just look back and think about the mistake he has done.

But as John insists in a recent interview that he has actually very happy about the way things have turned out for him. He said that what people do not understand is that even though Metallica was garnering attention and fame, Armored Saint was becoming popular and doing well. For him to leave all the people he grew up with was not something that sounded appealing to him at that time. Of course, that time they had just one album in their kitty. Who knew that they would be one of the most successful bands in the world?

But even after all the accolades and sales records they have racked up, Bush thinks that the band’s short-lived attempts to take some of the pressure off James Hetfield by searching a full-time singer might have failed. Read the rest of this entry »

Metallica to perform at Rock in Rio and Lollapalooza

As Metallica finishes their highly awaited new album after 2008’s Death Magnetic, the band goes on to work very hard in playing headlining concerts. The band is all set to play a handful of gigs including Rock in Rio on 9th May in Las Vegas, as well as at Lollapalooza on 1st August, in Chicago.

The hard metal band has been doing concerts since they started back in the year 1981. They hardly took any break from their fans who like to see their live performances. In March, last year, Metallica began a tour named Metallica by Request wherein the rooters were handed the freedom to vote for the tracks on setlist, with the online votes shutting down a week before to the gig so that the band can rehearse. Read the rest of this entry »

Metallica set to co-headline Lollapalooza Fest 2015

Metallica, Florence + the Machine and Paul McCartney will headline the Lollapalooza fest. The fest is all set to take place from 31st July to 2nd August, in Chicago’s Grant Park. The metal rockers will hit the stage on 1st August and they are really pumped up for the gift.

The band recently said that this has been nearly twenty years since they have been lucky enough to take the stage at Lollapalooza, so they are over the top that they have been asked to play this year at the now annual extravaganza held at Grant Park in Chicago. They would hit the stage on 1st Aug, Saturday.

Earlier in March, speaking to Rolling Stone, Metallica man Lars Ulrich told that they hope that they would be able to play some brand new material onstage in May in the Rock in Rio USA festival. Therefore it is a possibility that fns might be able to listen to new Metallica sound at the Lollapalooza only.

Ulrich further added that the band has already made a lot of things for the forthcoming disc and that the creative elements are getting close to being done. Read the rest of this entry »

Metallica reveal their celebrity fans

World renowned rock band Metallica has stated that they have many celeb fans, that even include some which could raise few eyebrows. Recently, while speaking to a leading magazine, the rock legends told that they have rooters in both Donny Osmond and Kris Kristofferson.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told  that when they played at Roskilde Festival a month ago, Kris Kristofferson stood in their little cockpit place behind the drums for the whole gig. Every 3 tracks he would come off to get a drink and Kristofferson would still be there getting more and more excited. He lasted longer than any of them did.

The drummer added that it was a real shock for them to know that Donny Osmond is also another dedicated fan of the metal legends. Donny came to a gig in the Long Beach Arena in t he year 1986 when they were backing Ozzy Osbourne. He was there to see Metallica and that blew their minds.

James Hetfield is known as a long time backer of the Little Kids Rock, an establishment that offers music instruments and instruction to public schools. James was honored with the inaugural ‘Livin’ the Dream Award’ of the charity at the Rockin’ the Bay Benefit gig in Menlo Park, California, during the weekend. The Metallica frontman played Enter Sandman along with some of the children during the gig.

In a press release, James Hetfield said that he is a firm believer in creative expression through music. It is important to have it available from a young age, which is why he support Little Kids Rock’s mission to make music education accessible to children.


Metallica’s four song EP known as “Beyond Magnetic” that was available in December digitally as well as a physical CD in the month of January, will be unveiled on vinyl to observe Record Store Day on 21st April. The attempt comprises of the quartet of unheard tracks which the band released in a concert in the month of December to mark their 30th anniversary.

All the four tracks – ‘Rebel Of Babylon’, ‘Just A Bullet Away’, ‘Hell And Back’ and ‘Hate Train’ – were taped during the sessions for their 2008 ‘Death Magnetic’ album, but left out the last single list. The studio adaptations of all the four tracks, all crude mixes, were delivering to the fan club of Metallica one at a time, after each single performed live during their live shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

The band recently told that they have always been huge supporters of their friends at independent retail as well as the annual event the 3rd Saturday of each April. They helped start the first year in the year 2008 with an in-store show at one of their hometown stores.

To sum up to the fun, there is not a single ordinary vinyl release, but rather will be on silver vinyl with a Metallica exclusive sticker on added in the package. Watch out for the EP on Saturday release date at a nearby record store as well as on Their international friends must stay for all the details about the release outside North America. Each year, the Record Store Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in the month of April.

Kill ‘Em All

While not as timeless as Ride the Lightning or Master Puppets, Metallica’s debut album–originally released in 1983–is still a fine piece of thrash metal, and as good a marker as any for the debut of the genre. Fusing the rapid-fire attack of bands like Motorhead with a guitar style reminiscent of such British heavy metal bands as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Metallica essentially created a new kind of metal. Several of the songs from this 1983 album have since become classics, including “Seek & Destroy”, “The Four Horsemen”, and “Jump in the Fire”. The songwriting isn’t as sophisticated as on Metallica’s later releases; still, it’s a great listen, and essential for any heavy metal fan. –Genevieve Williams

1. Hit the Lights
2. Four Horsemen
3. Motorbreath
4. Jump in the Fire
5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
6. Whiplash
7. Phantom Lord
8. No Remorse
9. Seek and Destroy
10. Metal Militia

Death Magnetic

Metallica – Death Magnetic CD

Metallica - Death Magnetic CD

Embracing the band’s past while moving into the future, Death Magnetic “is the best album we’ve put out in, say, 15 years,” says Kirk Hammett. 10 tracks including “The Day That Never Comes.”

Metallica – Death Magnetic CD

Live Shit

This enormous live box set is a necessity for the hardcore Metallifan, though casual fans (if Metallica has any casual fans) might be scared off. It contains material up to and including the self-titled “black” album, including concert favorites “Creeping Death” and “Seek & Destroy,” as well as classics like “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Welcome Home (Sanitarium),” and “Fade to Black.” There are also a couple of ripping-fast solos from Jason Newsted and Kirk Hammett, and covers of “Last Caress,” “Am I Evil?” and “Stone Cold Crazy.” The videos are from a 1992 San Diego concert and a 1989 stop on the Damaged Justice tour in Seattle; both are guaranteed to turn any fan who hasn’t had the considerable pleasure of hearing this seminal metal band live green with envy. Pricey, but very highly recommended. –Genevieve Williams
Live Sh*t-Binge & Purge (CD & Dvd) (Box Set) (w/ Bonus DVD) (Live)

Disc: 1 –
1. Enter Sandman –
2. Creeping Death –
3. Harvester of Sorrow –
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) –
5. Sad But True – 6. Of Wolf and Man –
7. Unforgiven –
8. Justice Medley: Eye of the Beholder/Blackened/The Frayed Ends of … –
9. Solos (Bass/Guitar)

Disc: 2 –
1. Through the Never –
2. For Whom the Bell Tolls –
3. Fade to Black –
4. Master of Puppets
5. Seek and Destroy –
6. Whiplash

Disc: 3 –
1. The Four Horsemen

Live Sh*t-Binge & Purge (CD & Dvd) (Box Set) (w/ Bonus DVD) (Live)