Metallica to perform at Rock in Rio and Lollapalooza

As Metallica finishes their highly awaited new album after 2008’s Death Magnetic, the band goes on to work very hard in playing headlining concerts. The band is all set to play a handful of gigs including Rock in Rio on 9th May in Las Vegas, as well as at Lollapalooza on 1st August, in Chicago.

The hard metal band has been doing concerts since they started back in the year 1981. They hardly took any break from their fans who like to see their live performances. In March, last year, Metallica began a tour named Metallica by Request wherein the rooters were handed the freedom to vote for the tracks on setlist, with the online votes shutting down a week before to the gig so that the band can rehearse.

Metallica has seen working on their tenth studio album. In a recent interview, the band guitarist Kirk Hammett said that the album is in progress. At this point, the tracks are ever changing. Nothing is etched in stone. They still have a lot of material have to sift through.

The band will also play a handful of live shows this year. At the Rock in Rio fest, they play alongside acts like Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Slipknot, Faith No More and several others. They will play a few gigs in Europe in the following months.

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