Metallica reveal their celebrity fans

World renowned rock band Metallica has stated that they have many celeb fans, that even include some which could raise few eyebrows. Recently, while speaking to a leading magazine, the rock legends told that they have rooters in both Donny Osmond and Kris Kristofferson.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told  that when they played at Roskilde Festival a month ago, Kris Kristofferson stood in their little cockpit place behind the drums for the whole gig. Every 3 tracks he would come off to get a drink and Kristofferson would still be there getting more and more excited. He lasted longer than any of them did.

The drummer added that it was a real shock for them to know that Donny Osmond is also another dedicated fan of the metal legends. Donny came to a gig in the Long Beach Arena in t he year 1986 when they were backing Ozzy Osbourne. He was there to see Metallica and that blew their minds.

James Hetfield is known as a long time backer of the Little Kids Rock, an establishment that offers music instruments and instruction to public schools. James was honored with the inaugural ‘Livin’ the Dream Award’ of the charity at the Rockin’ the Bay Benefit gig in Menlo Park, California, during the weekend. The Metallica frontman played Enter Sandman along with some of the children during the gig.

In a press release, James Hetfield said that he is a firm believer in creative expression through music. It is important to have it available from a young age, which is why he support Little Kids Rock’s mission to make music education accessible to children.

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